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We can help you improve the effectiveness of your work groups.  It can be done!

  • Corporate Culture  Often we get locked into ways that are not very productive.  We have lofty ideals, but the practical reality is something else.  There isn't time to get it all done.  One way of breaking out of that is to engage the creativity of each work group.  This has been proven time and again, yet somehow we get out of that habit.  Supervisors try to do it all, and they can't.  Read on.  There is something here that can help, a lot.
  • Lean Manufacturing, Six-Sigma  They generate very good improvement ideas. (For a description of Lean Manufacturing click here.)  But somehow, the ideas don't get fully implemented in a lasting way; we slip back.  The secret is to engage the team that has to make it happen.  Here's how:
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