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How big is your market?
The rule of thumb is that you can't be competitive beyond 200 miles or one state line.  You should challenge that assumption.

My Experience

Here is some of my experience with common carrier trucking and rail transport.

From Atlanta to:
Berlin, NH 
1250 miles,
Common carrier truck
This is a flat panel job in gray concrete.
Click here or the image for 
project description.
Phoenix, AZ   2000 Miles, Rail
This is a jail module job 
with hollowcore and spandrel panels.
Click here or the image for project description.
Plymouth, NC 
600 Miles, 
Common carrier truck
Architectural precast
Click here or image for
project description.
Fairmont, WV  600 miles, 
Common carrier truck
Buttress panel for 
segmental, prestressed, post tensioned tank.
Click here on on image for project description

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