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Rita's Legacy:
Higher Winter Costs, Lower Spring Supplies 

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On the Saturday and Sunday after Rita made landfall, oil and gas producers seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief, as their worst fears had been avoided. However, as the inspection reports come in, it appears that the industry has taken several significant blows, which if confirmed and extended by subsequent reporting, could show that Rita has had or will have an impact on Gulf of Mexico oil and gas output roughly the equivalent to Katrina.

The impact of Katrina was enough to send prices skyrocketing:

Will the "Rita effect" exacerbate the winter price impacts and/or extend them further into 2006? Lost rigs, diverted manpower, and equipment shortages may be setting the stage for high prices through much of 2006.
Further Background  This outlook is from GlobaLInshight, an international economic consulting firm.  They do excellent work, and I have confidence in them.  Here is a link to their public Katrina page.
GlobalInsight   The Impact of Hurricane Katrina
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