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New Product Development
Some things to think about

Managers know they need new product lines.  It seldom happens.  Why?
It takes a plan and persistence.  We can help.

  • Bill Ray's Principles of New Product Development
    1. High margin new products compete with other building systems, not other precast.
    2. Successful new products build on the business you are doing now.
    3. Find your new products with your partner architects, customers, and specifiers.
    4. It takes time.  New products take two years to develop.
    I presented the 7-Step Action Plan recently at MCPX.
    >Click here for New Product Development PowerPoint presentation..
          Note: It will take several minutes to load this PowerPoint presentation with a telephone modem.

    What can Precast Consulting do?  You have competent and experienced managers.  But they already have a full platter.  Working closely with you and your management, we bring experienced resources to:

    Management professionalism for the Precast Industry