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State Training Assistance
What's this all about?

Most states offer financial assistance to train employees in the form of grants or tax credits.

Despite these incentives, many companies that could take advantage of the programs do not.  Often the application and compliance process is burdensome.  However, in many cases the potential benefits warrants going through the process.  Questions to ask in determining if you should pursue these programs include:
  1. Do you have any major training initiatives that involve formal documented training of large numbers of employees?
  2. Are you creating jobs that will require training new hires?
  3. Does your company have a state tax liability to utilize tax credits against?
  4. Does your company have dedicated trainers?
  5. Does your company hire training vendors to conduct formal training?
There are 50 different states, each with differing training incentives.  It is difficult to generalize about these programs.  In many cases, training incentives are granted to companies as part of an incentive package based on prospective job creation.  The Georgia Retraining Tax Credit, is used here as an example.  It applies only to retraining incumbent employees due to the implementation of new technology. click here

To see if there is an opportunity for your company generally requires assessing the particular training incentive programs in the related State(s).  We work with Ed Outlaw, a tax rebate specialists.  For details  click here

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