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Use of Synthetic Fibers in Precast

There have been four trends that have recently come together:

  1. The price of steel has gone through the roof
  2. New design equations have been developed for synthetic fibers extending their range
  3. New synthetic fibers have been developed - macrofibers - that extend the range
  4. SCC has been adopted by most producers solving workability problems
The result is that synthetic fibers can substantially reduce costs for most underground producers.

We recently presented the results of the new design equations and the experience of producers to the Technical Committee of the NPCA.

For the PowerPoint recently presented at MCPX, click here.
Note: It will take several minutes to load this PowerPoint presentation with a telephone modem.

What can Precast Consulting do?  You have competent and experienced managers.  But they already have a full platter and are probably unfamiliar with the new design equations and the properties of fibers.   Call us and we can get you started.  Working closely with you and your management, we bring experienced resources to:

Management professionalism for the Precast Industry