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Benchmarking, Where do you stand? Benchmark Analysis, answers the above questions.
It's not magic, it's mathematics.

Often we assume a benchmark analysis is an engineering study.  While a benchmark analysis can be approached that way, it is more productive to let the financial results speak and thereby direct any purely engineering studies.

Financial Engineering   The starting point to benchmark your company is the financial statements.  We operate in a mature industry in a market economy.  Competition shapes the financial appearance of every firm.  For those willing to listen, there are powerful messages that are revealed with a structured financial analysis.   We build that analysis around a mathematical system that ties together all aspects of your firm.  We call it Financial Engineering.

  • The most valuable resource in your firm is management time and attention.   Financial Engineering results let you find and set priorities based on the key leverage points in your firm.
  • It's not magic, its mathematics.
  • click here for a Financial Engineering overview.
      Note: Will take several minutes to load this PowerPoint presentation with a telephone modem. Margin Analysis Analysis of sales margin is the most powerful tool to Benchmark your competitive position and take action.  Those actions will substantially improve your competitive standing.  Most producers participate in commodity markets.  Those bear a closer look based on margin and competitive position.  Examples: What can Precast Consulting do?
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